Throughout the Tulsa area, and all over Oklahoma, community leaders, faith communities, and concerned citizens are trying to figure out what they might be able to do to help during the impending teacher walkout. Of course we pray it doesn't happen, but we want to be prepared in the event we are needed.

In Tulsa, the United Way is working with Tulsa Public Schools to coordinate efforts so that we're not all doing singular work in our one area, but can join together to help support teachers and students and staff, for it will take all of us to get through this.

To that end, the United Way has joined with TPS and Union to try and determine areas of need and establish childcare and food during the walkout.

*As leaders of faith communities and/or community organizations, agencies, and services, we can help by going to the United Way's website at TAUW.ORG and filling out their closure resources form. 

**Even if you already have plans well underway, please let United Way know what is happening so we can avoid duplication of precious resources.

We urge you to fill out that form (or encourage your community/center/agency leader to do so!) and help the coordination of efforts so we can make sure that no child goes unfed, that we can provide places for support staff to continue doing their work (and getting their paychecks) and so we can make our own statement about the importance of public schools in our community.

Please share this with your congregations to see if anyone would be willing to help with transporting food or child care.  You can contact Aliye Shimi at 918-595-1417.

* * *
7 day March for Education, 
Tulsa to Oklahoma City

This is our finalized schedule.
Wednesday, April 4     -  Day 1  Webster HS to Kellyville HS 
    20.7 miles
Thursday, April 5          - Day 2  Kellyville HS to Bristow HS
    17.3 miles
Friday, April 6               - Day 3  Bristow HS to Stroud HS
   18.4 miles
Saturday, April 7          -  Day 4  Stroud HS to Chandler HS 
   14.3 miles
Sunday, April 8             - Day 5  Chandler HS to Wellston HS
   11.5 miles
Monday, April 9            - Day 6  Wellston HS to Jones HS 
   18.5 miles
Tuesday, April 10         - Day 7  Jones HS to Capitol 
   15.4 miles
We, Marchers, will be sleeping in the above high school gyms, using their showers, etc. each night.
We are seeking sponsors for that following things:
RVs that are willing to be bathrooms and/or first aid stations.
Water, LOTS of bottled water
Snacks: Granola bars, snack mixes, fruit, juices
Meals- 3 meals a day.
Portable phone chargers
Clean up crews
Music- DJs, bands, encouragement!

Again, thank you! 
Heather Cody | daVinci Teacher (3rd grade)
Tulsa Public Schools,  Mayo Demonstration School
1127 S. Columbia Ave., Tulsa, OK 74104
T: 918-925-1500
F:  918-925-1516
twitter: @tulsaschools

If you can help with any of the above,
please contact Aliye Shimi at 918-595-1417.

* * *


The Christian Unity Issues discussion group, which met last on February 20, will meet again on Monday, April 9, at Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church in Sand Springs (601 N. Lake Dr.).  The meeting will begin at 1:30, and the topic of discussion will be the hermeneutic principles used by Benedict XVI in his work Jesus of Nazareth. 

All those who are interested in a pre-meeting lunch at 12:00 noon that day are invited to call Fr. Clark Shackelford at (405) 863-6459. 

                                                   * * * 


             No agenda.  No meeting.  No cooking. 
Just a delicious meal, with friends of all faiths.

The fellowship of a feast, 
in celebration of community.
Thursday, April 12
6:30 pm
Tulsa Police Academy
6066 E 66th St North

The favor of your RSVP is helpful
(Donations are appreciated.)